Extract prominent colors from an image.
Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library.



Use of Vibrant is pretty straight forward, but because code works better than explanation, here's an example:

var img = document.createElement('img');
img.setAttribute('src', 'examples/octocat.png')

img.addEventListener('load', function() {
    var vibrant = new Vibrant(img);
    var swatches = vibrant.swatches()
    for (var swatch in swatches)
        if (swatches.hasOwnProperty(swatch) && swatches[swatch])
            console.log(swatch, swatches[swatch].getHex())

     * Results into:
     * Vibrant #7a4426
     * Muted #7b9eae
     * DarkVibrant #348945
     * DarkMuted #141414
     * LightVibrant #f3ccb4

As you can see, Vibrant's first argument is an image. Make sure it's loaded before passing it off to Vibrant.
Vibrant has 3 constructor parameters:

new Vibrant(
    64, /* amount of colors in initial palette from which the swatches will be generated, defaults to 64 */
    5 /* quality. 0 is highest, but takes way more processing. defaults to 5. */

The Swatch class returns a object with Swatch objects.
Note that some Swatches might be set to 'undefined' when Vibrant fails to find a matching color for the profile!
A Swatch can be used to get the swatch's color (in RGB and hex), what text color works best with this color, and more.

Function name Description
new Swatch() Initialize a new swatch. First argument needs to be an RGB array, second argument must be the swatch' population.
.getRgb() Get swatch color in a RGB array
.getHex() Get swatch color in hex format (#EE22DD)
.getHsl() Get swatch color in a HSL array
.getPopulation() Get population (amount of times this color was used in the original image)
.getTitleTextColor() Get a color (in hex) that works best with any 'title' text that is used over this swatch's color
.getBodyTextColor() Get a color (in hex) that works best with any 'body' text that is used over this swatch's color